The Day of Action to Save Net Neutrality is an event on July 12, 2017, in which various organizations and individuals advocate for net neutrality in the United States. The event is a response to plans by Federal Communications Commission chairman Ajit V. Pai to end United States government policies which establish net neutrality. Fight for the Future convened the event and many organizations are contributing by doing activism.


The event seeks to contact members of Congress and the FCC.[1] The protest notes that Ajit V. Pai is formerly from Verizon, a company which opposes net neutrality.[1]


The first participants joined at the event's announcement on June 6, 2017.[2]

Tumblr was notably absent as a participant considering its history of advocating for net neutrality.[10] Following Verizon's 2017 purchase of Tumblr's parent company, Yahoo!, it adopted Verizon's political positions against net neutrality.[10]

Netflix commented at the start of the campaign that they would not participate.[8][11] Soon after, Netflix changed course and decided to support the campaign.[5][12][13]


Wired commented that the activism was a result of opposing sides of large organizations, with traditional telecom organizations as the target of protest and new media organizations as the protestors.[14]


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